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People are getting busier and busier these days.  Kids have more activities, parents are working longer days, and everybody is complaining that there just aren’t enough hours in the week.  And with solo repertoire, chamber music pieces, orchestra parts and audition music to stay on top of, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to tackle it all and consistently sound great.  Thanks to advances in technology and today’s global community, music students are no longer limited to finding a teacher who lives within driving distance.

Using online platforms like Skype, Zoom and FaceTime, I have the pleasure of working with string players from all over the world both as a private teacher and as a personal practice coach.  It is truly astounding how much progress can be made each week when you have access to a coach who not only can help you fine-tune your practicing between lessons, but can help you navigate the broader world of classical music–the recitals, competitions, summer festivals, and auditions, and when you have found a teacher with whom you really click–all without having to coordinate family schedules and carpools.  The added bonus? All of that time previously spent in the car can be spent practicing, doing homework, or finally sitting down to a family meal together.

To inquire about setting up a trial session for in-person or online lessons and private practice coaching, information on rates, or to schedule a solo or chamber music master class, please send me a message below.  I look forward to talking with you!

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“I’ve known Kate for almost the entirety of my time studying the cello, and what makes her so special is that she doesn’t just teach her students how to play cello- she also helps them navigate their lives inside and outside of the music world. There were countless times when she would help me break through a practice slump, give me the confidence I needed to nail an audition, or help me network with other important cellists around the country in order to take my cello career to the next step. I certainly wouldn’t be at the conservatory that I am right now without Kate’s guidance.”

-Chad, former student

“I came to Kate in a time of overwhelming stress. I have been playing the cello for 20 years and by now I thought I knew how to delegate practicing and auditions but I learned so much from Kate. Within hours my long list of music turned into a very doable 10-week practice schedule and the daunting task of practicing was made much easier. No matter where you are in your life as a musician a practice coach can always be useful. I was able to send my tapes to Kate to listen to and give me ideas and feedback. As the acceptances are coming in, I can’t help but contribute that success to her help.”

-Najette, professional cellist

“I was seeking a coach to work with our eight year daughter who had advanced beyond my ability to assist her with her regular cello practices. From our daughter’s first video session with Kate it was evident to all of us that we had found a skilled teacher who would make effective use of practice time and even make it fun. Working with Kate has afforded us less stress, better quality practices and many useful insights for a young cellist.”

-Nicole, parent

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