The Creatives Leadership Academy

Is the Creatives Leadership Academy Right For You?

Do you…

  • Feel stuck in your current career–doing the same thing in the same places with the same people year after year with no upward or forward motion towards your bigger dreams?

  • Have a clear vision for how things “could” be in your industry, but aren’t sure where to even begin?

  • Wish you had been taught better (or any!) business skills as a part of your artistic training?

Whether you are…

  • A freelance artist wanting to uplevel their career and gain some stature and visibility.
  • Interested in launching a new and innovative project
  • Interested in having a seat at the table, and having your voice be a part of the decision-making process in your organization or field
  • Looking to step into an official leadership role as a board member, director, or community organizer.

If you dream of having a major impact on the world, and you have a willingness to learn, grow, and turn those ideas into reality, you are in exactly the right place.

After completing CLA, you will have:

  • Assessed your unique and personal leadership style. From how you communicate, to how you present yourself, you’ll have the confidence that comes with showing up as your best, most authentic self.
  • Mastered the art of business writing-from emails to website copy to project proposals–so you can avoid missteps and mistakes, and get your ideas across brilliantly.
  • Widened your network exponentially with both your fellow creative artists as well as the experts and mentors you’ll be working closely with over the 9 months. Leave with a whole new circle of associates, as well as the knowledge to continue expanding it.
  • Created a clear blueprint for moving towards your true artistic vision. A step-by-step guide, and the skills to get you there.
  • Learned how to promote yourself and your projects in a way that feels truly aligned with your values. No smarmy sales tactics here!
  • Gained valuable high-level leadership skills such as board development and dynamics, fundraising and grant writing, and PR.

  • Built up your finance chops by getting comfortable with all things money– having it, making it, asking for it, and keeping better track of it.
  • Tackled the mindset obstacles such as: imposter syndrome, resistance, and the fear of what others will think. Freeing yourself from those unhelpful thoughts that have been holding you back all these years.

Hi, I’m Kate Kayaian

I’m a career and mindset coach for creatives, and I’ve been a cellist for most of my life. While I am still deeply rooted in the Classical Music World through my teaching and board service, I have recently retired from the concert stage in order to have more time for my coaching and writing.

In 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic and a complete shutdown of the arts & culture scene, I created 3 highly successful online programs–the first 2 were for young cellists around the world, and the 3rd (Profit Pivot) was created to help my fellow artists to thrive–and thrive they did!

These days I live in the island paradise of Bermuda with my husband, 2 cats, 1 dog, 1 boat, and gazillion lizards. I teach, grow vegetables, write my blog–Tales From The Lane, coach the most amazing clients 1:1, and run the Bermuda Philharmonic Orchestra.

This program, Creatives Leadership Academy, is my pride and joy. It brings together everything artists need in order to take an empowered seat at the proverbial (and in some cases, literal!) table. The skills we were not taught in school, the tools we were never given, the access to business, finance, and leadership experts that were kept hidden from us, and the support, guidance, encouragement, and accountability of this group of peers, mentors, and experts.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Welcome to Creatives Leadership Academy

Here’s What You’ll Be Getting!

This 9-Month long group program combines the very best in leadership training, business and mindset coaching, and a supportive and inspiring group environment. Here’s what it will look like inside the program:

  • 6 Months of Weekly Live-Training Sessions with Kate and a team of topic-specific experts. Organized into 6 Month-long Modules, you’ll have over 22 live and interactive trainings on everything from writing an effective grant proposal to surviving a networking cocktail party to mastering Media and PR.

  • 3 Additional Months of Guided Implementation on your specific Leadership Roadmap goals and timelines.

  • 9 Months of Weekly Coaching/Q&A Sessions. This is a great place to come for feedback, questions, networking, or just a quiet place to get some work done.

  • Various Networking Opportunities within a supportive group of like-minded creatives. Watch your circle grow, and opportunities for collaboration materialize.

  • Access to Kate’s bank of resources on everything from social media to setting up a lead magnet.

Plus Access to 3 Bonus Masterclasses!

CLA Enrollment Process: Click->Chat->Confirm

Interested in joining? Have some questions? Wondering if this is the right next step for your career? Click any one of the red buttons and it will take you to my scheduler.

Book a 30-minute call with me and we will discuss all of the things. What your specific goals are, and whether CLA is the right step for you right now.

Once you confirm your enrollment, you will receive the links to the Bonus Masterclasses that are left on the schedule.

If you are paying in full, we will also book your first Quarterly 1:1 session!


Q: What if I have a scheduling conflict with one of the sessions?

A: All of the training sessions will be recorded and posted for private Academy member access.

Q: How often will we meet?

A: We will meet twice a week for the first 6 months, and then once a week for the last 3 implementation months. There will be an active private FB group for the duration. If you elect to pay in full, you will also meet with Kate for a 1 hr 1:1 planning session each quarter (October, January, and April).

Q: I don’t have a set project in mind, should I still join?

A: While CLA will certainly help people see their artistic projects to fruition, the program is less about the actual Project, and more about building the kind of skills, mindset, and qualities that can be transferred to any project or situation that comes up.

Q: How do I access the Bonus Masterclasses?

A: As soon as you enroll and pay your initial deposit, you will be sent the links to join the masterclasses. So if you enroll by Noon ET on September 12th, You get access to all 3. By Noon ET on September 19th, you get 2, and by Noon ET on September 26th You will catch the last one.

Q: This is a significant financial investment for me. What kind of return on investment have your previous students seen through their work with you?

A: The vast majority of clients and students that I have worked with have seen a significant return on their initial investment with me. From confidently raising their rates on current income streams, to being offered higher-paying opportunities, and creating new income streams altogether, most of my clients have been able to make back what they paid, and THEN some. The beauty is that those higher income rates continue to build, year after year for them! In other words, this is probably the best investment you could possibly make for yourself.

Still on the fence?

I get it. It’s a big step. Saying yes to Creatives Leadership Academy is admitting that you have more to say with your artistry and that you are tired of being held back.

Whether you’re being held back by external forces, or your own self-doubts, I am here to tell you this:

I see you. And I believe in you. I know that with the right skills, the best tools, expert training and guidance, and the world’s most supportive peer group, big things can happen.

What a legacy you will leave.

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