The Profit Pivot

A 10-week group coaching and business skills program for musicians and creatives looking to create and launch artistically fulfilling and income-generating projects

Round 4
February 1-April 7, 2022

With Cellist and High-Performance Coach, Kate Kayaian

Now’s the time to pursue that passion project and redirect your career towards greatness

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You’re an incredible artist who has made it through almost 2 years of performance cancelations. But the longer you waited for life to get “Back to Normal”, the more you realized that “Normal” wasn’t all that you were capable of achieving.

This is your chance to seize new possibilities and create a new and better reality for yourself and your future. All you need is a small pivot, a good plan, and the tools and support to make it happen.

Maybe you are:

• An orchestral player looking to start a chamber music series.

• A private teacher looking to expand your studio without the geographic constraints of the past.

• A soloist looking to have more agency over the concerts and projects you take on.

• A freelancer who is tired of feeling like your life’s work is “inessential”

• An artist ready to “reinvent yourself” without having to “reinvent the wheel”

Whether you are looking for a way out of debt and into financial security, desperate for more time in your day, or merely wanting to create a more well-rounded (and higher income-generating) existence for yourself…

…you know deep down, that there has never been a better time to launch those dream projects you’ve kept hidden, or to start looking at some of the skills you have unintentionally picked up over the last several years in new and creative ways.

I’ll help you take the skills and passions you already have, and pivot from “inessential” to “in-demand”.

If You Are:

• A pro-musician who spent decades honing your craft.

• Accustomed to having a full season of satisfying work.

• Uninterested in completely redefining yourself or your career…

But You’re Dealing With:

• The stress of unpaid bills and under-employment.

• An up-in-the-air performance scene.

• Feeling a lack of purpose and motivation.

• A lack of interest in returning to your former gigs.

“My work with [Kate] has paid off and THEN some. I’m excited about my studio again!”

-Laura, violist and Suzuki teacher who made $8000 more this summer than in previous years.

or book a 30-minute call with Kate

I know that you have knowledge and skills deep inside of you (or maybe not even that deep!) that are ready to come together to give you a renewed sense of purpose and unleash those feelings of drive and excitement that you’ve been missing for the last several months

(oh…more like years, you say? Yep, I’m hearing that a lot.)

Once you learn to pivot from auto-pilot to idea-machine, you’ll start to feel your whole life change before you. Entire worlds will start to open up for you.


• Waking up, excited to work on new projects.

• Knowing that you’re making an important contribution to the world (and the people!) around you.

• Finally being in control of how much money you make.

• Falling asleep at night, knowing that your bills are paid, your family is safe and secure, and your emergency fund is well-padded.

• Re-writing the script that says that good musicians have to be starving artists.

My Story….

Hi! I’m Kate, a cellist and musician’s coach.

After training at the New England Conservatory of Music and the New World Symphony, I settled in Boston, where I did the usual dance of chamber musician, freelance orchestral player, contemporary artist, occasional soloist, teacher, and program administrator.

When I hit my 30’s I was making a healthy six-figure salary, but I was also completely burnt out, exhausted, and

in desperate need of an 8th day in my week!

I realized I had spent 10 years saying yes to anything that came my way, without truly shaping my life and career the way I wanted. I had grown accustomed to my teachers and mentors laying out the plan for me that when I left school and became a professional,

I didn’t quite realize that that was on me now!

Now I live on a beautiful island and have a career I adore. Pre-COVID, I performed music that spoke to my heart and worked with groups that I truly believe in. I had (have) thriving and dedicated teaching studios both online and in-person and had managed to maintain (and even grow!) that six-figure salary

this time minus the burnout and exhaustion.

Let me use my experience to help you see your dreams come to fruition too. During our 10 weeks together in The Profit Pivot, we’ll talk about how to gain clarity on your interests, your passions, and your skills. We’ll tackle the logistics of putting it all together, and how to get past the mental roadblocks that too often get in people’s way.

Sound Interesting?

To get started, or to see if this is something that would benefit you, I offer a free 30-minute discovery call. It gives us a chance to get to know one another in an informal setting–like we’re getting together for a cup of coffee.

If I think you and this group experience were made for one another, I’ll let you know. If it doesn’t seem to be the right fit? I’ll let you know that too. Either way, you’ll be at least one step closer to a better reality.

What We’ll Be Covering:

• Getting Clear on Your Purpose and Your Project

• Goal Setting and Accountability

• Honing Your Message and Reaching Your Audience

• The Tech of Business (Made Easy!)

• The Step-by-Step Timeline and Process I Use to Create Programs

Course Details:

• 10 Weekly Business and Mindset Training and Implementation Modules

• Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

• Private Facebook Group for the Profit Pivot Community (That you’ll have ongoing access to after the program finishes.)

• Access to Private 1:1 Coaching Calls with Me (Premium)

• Voice Messaging Support (Premium)

Or book a call with Kate to find out if Profit Pivot is right for you!

I’ve worked with Kate a few times and will keep going back to her because she has this natural gift for breaking down overwhelming tasks so that they’re not so daunting; she helps dissect the bigger end-goal into achievable “mini-goals”, which lead to the fulfillment of main objectives. 

She is the quintessential really-well-balanced person managing her own fulfilling professional and personal life, yet always finds time to calmly give you her undivided attention, encouraging and offering genuine support because she really is invested in your achievements.

Roxan Jurkevich, percussionist & owner of The Fit Musician

Reset this Year to Awesome! Join us in Profit Pivot

“The key-if you want to build habits that last–is to join a group where the desired behavior is the normal behavior.”

James Clear (Atomic Habits)

or book a 30-minute call with Kate to discuss if Profit Pivot is for you.

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