Workshops and Mini-Residencies


One of my favorite parts about touring is getting to work with the next generation of musicians.   I address their burning music-related questions through a variety of workshops, student sessions and a recital performance all rolled into a fun and engaging mini-residency at colleges, universities, conservatories and music schools.  Whether you’re looking for a single 1-hour session or the full 3-part mini-residency, I’d love to chat about how I can work with your unique school and provide some information and inspiration for your students.   Click here to send me a message today.

With students from the Savannah Arts Academy

Part 1: Performance of “The Voice of the Cello”

 (Exact timing can be anywhere from 25 to 90 minutes)

Come along as cellist Kate Kayaian takes you on a musical and cultural adventure that explores stories of joy and hardship, love and yearning told through her beloved instrument.  Through dynamic solo works written from the Baroque era to today, you’ll discover how the composers’ personal circumstances shaped the music they wrote, and how they each found their own unique voice while writing for the same instrument.  Join us and be transported through history to Spain, Germany, Japan, Armenia and beyond!


Part 2: Leadership Workshops

(choose one of the following)

 A) Mastering the Art of Practicing: how to get more done in half the time

Tap into the secrets few music students ever learn—how to focus their time and energy so they can accomplish more and feel proud about their progress. In this interactive session, we’ll dissect a piece they are working on to figure out how best to approach it in their own practice. We’ll also cover:

  • How to avoid the 3 most common practice habit pitfalls
  • How to find pockets of time for practice in an overloaded schedule
  • Why tracking your practice time will boost your results
  • The 2 counter-intuitive ingredients for enhancing your artistic progress today

B) Crafting Your Dream Music Career: What does it really take? What are your options?

In this candid and energized workshop, we’ll bust myths about music careers and show you the real opportunities beyond the simple choices of a soloist, orchestra player or chamber ensemble. We’ll do some brief reflective exercises to help you zero in on a music career path that best suits your life dreams.

  • How to reverse-engineer your ideal life
  • The skills you need to get started
  • 3 big assumptions most people are making
  • How to let go of that nagging self-doubt that is standing in your way

C) How to End the College Confusion: The Who, What, When, Where and Why you need to know

Get the inside scoop: learn what to look for, who to talk to, and which questions you should be asking in order to choose the best fit for you or your child.

  • Why you should keep your private teacher on speed-dial 
  • The #1 factor in deciding on a school
  • The bizarre way I chose between a university and a conservatory and why it worked. 
  • The hidden information that you need to seek out. 
  • What makes a school “right” for you? Is it location, reputation, or private teacher?

Part 3: Student Performance Sessions

(choose one of the following)

A) Traditional Masterclass

All cellists, mixed instrumental soloists, or chamber ensembles.

B) For Cellists Only

 Orchestra sectionals, Excerpt class, extended technique class or a Cello Choir reading session. 

C) Composition Class Project Readings/Recordings.

Have your intermediate or advanced composition students write a piece for me and send them to me ahead of my arrival. I’ll play and record them in our session and talk about each one with the students. For younger students, I can talk to them about the instrument, its possibilities, including extended techniques) and walk them through a few exercises. They’ll end our session with their very own piece!

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