About me…

Hi there!  I’m Kate– a writer and a career & mindset coach for artists and creatives. I get to live on the beautiful island of Bermuda where I spend my days working with clients, writing (blogs and books), gardening, and running the Bermuda Philharmonic. I believe that everyone has the right to live exactly the kind of life they have always dreamed of living. 

A former professional cellist, I attended the New England Conservatory of Music and was a New World Symphony fellow. I went on to have a thriving freelance career, work with incredible students, and toured as a solo and chamber musician before pivoting to the online space in 2020. I love talking about ways to navigate this crazy (and evolving!) Classical music/Arts world–from the business logistics of managing a career to the mindset pitfalls that can get in the way of success. 

My (past) performance career.

Part of why I love working with musicians and artists is because until recently, I was one myself! from playing solo recitals to joining my friends as a part of the Grammy award-winning ensemble, Boston Modern Orchestra Project, I loved the thrill of sharing great music with a live audience. I still do, on occasion, but these days, it’s for the pleasure of making music for fun, rather than as a source of income.

If you’re curious about my life as a cellist, or to upload bios, photos or have a listen to some pretty cello music, head over to the “MEDIA” tab up above.

Coaching Work

I work with clients in both group program format and more personalized 1:1 sessions.

I love helping others find their own unique path to fulfilling their potential.

If you’d like to talk about how working together might help you reach your goals faster, you can book a free 30-minute “Discovery Call” today.

What People Say

“Thank you for knowing me both as a musician and as a person. For understanding who I am and encouraging me to do what works best for me in order to be the best version of myself. Through you, I was able to find a fresh, new confidence in myself and know that I can do and be anything with the right attitude. Thank you a million times over!” Ashley Wang, cellist