About me…

I’m an Armenian-American cellist living on the beautiful island of Bermuda (why, yes,it IS beautiful here.) When the world isn’t in the midst of a pandemic, I spend a lot of time flying off and performing elsewhere (recitals, and chamber music, mostly.) But since we ARE in the midst of a pandemic, I’m enjoying being able to stay-put for a while.

I also love to teach (cellists) and coach (professional musicians and creative types) and I write the musician’s blog: Tales From the Lane.

In my spare time, I like hanging out with my houseplants, my cats and my husband (not necessarily in that order.)

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From playing solo recitals to joining my friends as a part of the Grammy award-winning ensemble, Boston Modern Orchestra Project, I love the thrill of sharing great music with a live audience.

For a complete listing of my upcoming (and past) concerts click the button below. To upload bios, photos or have a listen to some pretty cello music, head over to the “MEDIA” tab up above.

Teaching and Coaching Work

Whether you are a high school or college-aged cellist looking to take your playing to the next level, or a seasoned professional in search of a career reboot, let’s talk.

I love helping others to find their own unique path to fulfilling their potential.

What People Say

“Thank you for knowing me both as a musician and as a person. For understanding who I am and encouraging me to do what works best for me in order to be the best version of myself. Through you, I was able to find a fresh, new confidence in myself and know that I can do and be anything with the right attitude. Thank you a million times over!” Ashley Wang, cellist

Current Ways to Work With Me.

Interested in joining my Cello Studio? Bringing me in for a Masterclass or as a Guest Speaker? Interested in diving into some Career Coaching?

The Bridge Online Cello Studio

My 9-month Signature Hybrid Private Lesson/Group Program

Career Coaching

I offer both One-on-One Sessions and Group Programs throughout the year.

Speaking or Guest Teaching

A Guest Cello Masterclass, or a Session on Career Development.

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